About Yoona

Born in Seoul, South Korea / Raised in Atlanta, Georgia / Living the Dream in Los Angeles, California

Coming from a family in the fashion industry, it was ironic that the expectations set for me were to follow a more white collar professional field, i.e., politics, law, and medicine. However, you really can't trick the blood that flows through your veins. In 2013, I picked up my belongings, said good bye to my friends and family, and moved to the City of Angels after scoring a job in the fashion industry myself.

Now, on top of buying clothes and living fashion as therapy for the daily craziness of life, I buy clothes and live fashion for a living.

It has been my long term goal since college to launch my own fashion blog, and with the support of my friends, family, coworkers, and boyfriend, I present to you Fashion Yoonaverse: a blog where want to introduce the universe of fashion that I live in.

My style is inspired mostly by pop culture and celebrities, but I love being different and finding looks that make me comfortable, sexy, and beautiful in my own skin. I'm not your typical size 0,2,4, and I hope that my inhibitions and confidence through style can inspire just even one person to feel amazing about the body that they are in.

Fashion has saved my life more than once, and I hope that Fashion Yoonaverse can inspire and help others in our own unique way.