November 29, 2016

My New Love

I have a grocery list length of topics that I'm just ITCHING to post on, but don't have the pictures to support them yet!!

First off--I know, I know! I've been super MIA. Hopefully you guys follow me on Instagram to still get some outfit inspos here and there (even on that, I haven't been as active).

My personal photographer (aka my sister) has been busy with midterms and then finals. I've been busy almost every single weekend since mid-September (San Diego with my sister, then my mom visited, boyfriend's birthday, Las Vegas, and a whole slew of other shenanigans). I know for sure on my list of New Year Resolutions, "posting every 7-10 days" will be a priority!

Speaking of lists, here is a quick short list of the topics I've been dying to share with everyone:
1) Slip dresses - I own about 6 satin, 2 metallic, 1 pleated, 3 velvet, and 1 sequin slip dresses so far. So, obviously, this is my biggest obsession lately and I am just itching to share my beautiful collection, as well as the multiple ways I have either worn them or seen them be worn!!
2) Satin and my love/hate relationship with satin items that are not black.
3) My haul from Ego where I scooped up 6 pairs of heels for $67 (and this collection includes my FAVORITE pair of booties for this season)
4) Fishnet stockings + Ripped Jeans
5) Yoona's attempts to lampshade in style while lacking about 2" in leg length (thanks Mom)
7) The New Florals
8) Crushed Velvet

Yes. #8 is crossed out because I'm finally posting pictures from a shoot I did a few months (oops) ago wearing what le Boyfriend calls my cranberry dress!!!!!!!!!!!

A little backstory: I never liked velour. I never really begged my mom back in the days to buy me a Juicy velour set. And, I was never a huge fan of velvet. Velvet just always felt so missy and older to me. And then, something changed this year. I fell in love with satin slip dresses again (because seriously, with one black satin slip, you can go from an easy day look of sneakers+t-shirt to a night look of choker+heels and be all shades of cute and sexy at the same time 24/7!) and then came to realize that colored slip dresses really aren't food, bathroom or accident friendly with their tendency to create stupid water stains. But then, crushed velvet happened. The same rich luxurious look with the shine in addition to it being food/bathroom/accident friendly just led me to fall in love with it. (And by bathroom friendly, I mean that you can wash your hands without worrying about a drop of water splashing onto you and creating a water spot. Or, while you are air drying your hands and water splashing onto you.)

It may have been the new colors. It also may have been the emphasis on shine and textures this year in our world.

But, O.M.G. how I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE CRUSHED VELVET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paired with an easy basic t-shirt, I took a crushed velvet slip dress from Boohoo's Night Collection to a daytime look with classic Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. I also wanted to go for slight overkill on trends, so I threw on a skinny velvet choker. The bag I'm carrying - although not the highest end bag, my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag pictured holds a lot of sentimental value to me as it is the first designer bag I bought on my own as a "YAY ON A BIG GIRL JOB" gift to myself!

Check out below to see where you can get my exact outfit, as well as a few extra picks that would be awesome to dupe this look with for under $50:


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