August 19, 2016

This Summer's Favorite Jeans

You guys know I'm a bargain hunter when it comes to clothes. And, being in the industry and working mostly in the off price sector of apparel, spending more than $20-$30 on apparel......... is kind of unheard of for me. Even back before I joined the industry, the bargain and quality hunter my dad was influenced me to learn that you can be stylish on a budget. And my philosophy is still that: you just need a few key items that are timeless, such as outerwear, bags, and shoes.

But, I just had to. I really had to with these amazing Zara jeans guys. I know, I know, a lot of you probably think I'm being cheap for making a big deal out of spending 49.90 on jeans. But, if you knew what I knew about the industry, you'd understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, going back to these jeans, here are a few things I love about them:
1) The amazing frayed hem detail
2) The unique and fresh bright blue wash
3) The mid-rise slouch fit
4) The fact that I fit in the size 6. (lol, vanity sizing at its finest!)

Bag is a Marc by Marc Jacobs (handed over from my mom after she only used it like three times) and shoes are Jeffrey Campbells (my favorite shoes to pair with these jeans). Wanted the focus of the outfit to be on the bright blue hue of the jeans, so I toned down on the lips and applied Mac's Angel (a Kim K favorite, teehee).

I'm a huge fan of the stiff boxy crop look, but that only works in certain fabrics such as denim and lace. This lace/crochet top was from a friend of mine's company, and I seriously wish they had it in every color possible! The fringe trims at the bottom are super cute, and the sheer lace look gives the top a very cool and breezy feel.

For those of you hesitating on buying sheer tops because you don't know what to pair them with, take my advice: a nude cami (espeically a shaping one from Spanx or Maidenform), a lace bralette, or even a comfortable t-shirt bra works! Cuter bras have been coming out lately to double as a bralette, and a lot of bras and bralettes nowadays are made to be seen! So take that hint of insecurity, throw it out the window, and rock it!

And yes everyone, I changed my hair to a center part. I've been growing it out and it's the longest I've gone without doing any form of chemical treatment to my hair! Haven't cut, bleached, or dyed my hair since my short cut back in December 2014, and I don't plan on doing anything else for a while. But I did get bored and decided to change my part after hearing how center parts can actually work to hide some double chin action here and there ;)

What are your favorite jeans for this year so far?? Do you have a statement pair? 
Feedback much appreciated!

xoxo, Yoona


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