August 31, 2016

#ShopaholicsAnonymous - August 2016 Edition

Hi Everyone!

For those of you who know me, one of my famous talents is being able to find great styles at great prices (it's in my nature, and interestingly enough, it's actually a part of my day job as well!).
One of my main goals for my blog was to be able to share my shopping secrets and tips with you guys, and here's my first edition of #ShopaholicsAnonymous!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I was in Las Vegas last week for WWD Magic, as well as other amazing fashion/apparel trade shows. A big part of my job is to be able to identify trends for the next season, and that was a big goal for this past WWD Magic.

I got such a great preview (which I'll share my findings on my next upcoming post) of what the newest and coolest things are for this year's holiday and next Spring, and that triggered the Shopaholic in me to get my hands on these trends before it became more mainstream. One of my top go to and affordable resources to staying on top of the trend game is BooHoo! BooHoo always has some crazy promo codes and discount offers with amazing prices while staying on top of new trends.

So, after soul searching and seeing tons of companies showing certain trends, here's what went down for this month's edition of #ShopaholicsAnonymous:
This is so unlike my 'usual' style of dresses, but what compelled me to choose this dress is the fabric. This year, the shows really displayed a wide emphasis on texture. One of the prettiest and flashiest fabrics at shown by the contemporary and mainstream market was something called "Bodre." I am OBSESSED with this shiny accordion pleat-like fabric and seriously want a camisole, a wide leg pant, a slip dress, a jumpsuit, and a maxi dress made of this fabric!! 

I really wasn't convinced I could pull off velvet. And I really thought that velvet was reserved for about two weeks in a year (Christmas & New Years at MOST). But, I kept seeing velvet at almost every single booth I visited!!! Velvet bodysuits, velvet crop tops, velvet dresses, velvet velvet velvet. And unlike last year's faux suede trend, velvet is actually a more forgiving fabric than suede. The thickness and the brush of the fabric actually does a decent job at hiding imperfections (unlike faux-suede which is the least forgiving fabric of them all). As for this little velvet number, I was tempted to buy it in the pink, but thought that the richness of the mauve would give it a better pop and be different from the rest of my closet.

I have wide shoulders, and growing up playing golf and conditioning for it, I really ran away from off shoulder tops. But, off shoulder was seriously EVERYWHERE. From tops, bottoms, dresses, and also in the bodres, the velvets, denims, and every fabric, print, and treatment imaginable. But, I really wanted to give it a try (and worst case, if it didn't work, it could always go to the sister) and I made sure I got a special one that was nice and not flimsy so it would actually be a fashion piece. The Becca top is a great quality and totally opaque woven, and the tiered ruffles on the sleeves as well as the popover piece make the garment really come together. As a test outfit, I paired it with a pair of high waisted skinny jeans and tucked the top in, and it worked! And as a second test, I tried it on with a pair of printed flare pants, and it worked again! Keep an eye out for this top in my upcoming posts FOR SURE!

The picture above isn't actually the robe I got, so click the link above! If you've seen Chrissy Teigen, Khloe Kardashian, and even Kendall lately, all of them have been pairing a satin robe with a lot of night-on-the-town outfits. Or even daytime. I ended up getting a crossover between the satin robe and a kimono for a new statement piece in my closet. Actually, all the goodies I got for this haul were picked with the main goal of 'NEW STATEMENT PIECES.' For this baby, I am in LOVE. Yes, it really looks like a kimono and yes, I'm kind of too short for this wearing sandals, but my ideas for this love is a list that won't end! From black slip dresses, a blush mesh mockneck top with black jeans or even a simple bodycon dress with strappy heels, I really am not going to care what people think because this piece is a showstopper for sure!! I love dusters, and I just had to have another different type of duster in my closet!

OK GUYS. I AM ABOUT TO LOSE MY MIND BECAUSE OF THESE. I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST. THE BEST. You guys all know (and I hate to really admit this in public) that I LOVE Kardashian/Jenner fashion. Yes, I love my share of Beyonce and Rihanna style as well, but the 'I LOVE MY CURVES' approach to the Kardashian Klan's style always appealed to me. Moreover, they wear things that normal people could actually wear and imitate looks for less. I've been a huge fan of the Dior and Yeezy perspex (some call this the lucite) heel since they first landed, and after seeing my coworker buy a pair and others on social media starting to wear them, I was dying to get a pair. But, a lot of websites had them for $50 and up, and my stingy side (as well as inside knowledge) refused to let me buy them at that price. And also, I had the hardest time deciding what style I wanted in the perspex heel. However, Boohoo always has the best promotion codes, and they started dropping these gorgeous Yeezy-inspired two strap heels. Minimal, frequently on Kim K-W, and really easy to style. After missing the first drop on these shoes a few months ago, I vowed that the next time they restocked, I would buy a pair. And I am SO glad that I waited. The first few pairs were in nudes and blacks, and even glitter, but the pair I managed to grab on this haul are in rose gold metallic (another trend that I saw pop out when I went to the shoe shows). So I basically killed two birds with one stone, and I can't wait to share my endless list of outfits with this baby on with you guys!

And just HOW much did I pay for all five of these babies?
The grand total rolled up to $191, but with a 50% off tops and dresses promo code, I bought the two dresses and the top for $52.50, and with a 40% off app users code, I bought the robe and the heels for $51.60. A grand total of $104.10 for two dresses, one robe, one top and a pair of heels.

Now you guys see why I'm absolutely OBSESSED with Boohoo?

Let me know if you guys have shopped on Boohoo before as well as what fabulous finds you have made! And if you have any recommendations for eTailers similar to Boohoo, I would LOVE to know!



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