June 13, 2016

Colors of the Hour

I swear I'm still alive! Sorry it took me forever to update. If you follow me on Instagram, I had a bout of writer's block with this post, but I promise, after you finish reading this post, you'll definitely see the wait was worth it!

Coral and Mint were literally the only colors everyone obsessed over in the early 2010's. And it was trending as a top summer color almost every year... until this year.

Workworld-wise, the trending colors for this Spring and Summer are very foreign compared to last year. Why? Because the colors that typically do well in the Fall and Winter have become this year's hottest colors, and very girly contemporary colors are starting to blend in with them.

So what could these colors possibly be??

Baby Blue. 

The blush and baby blue trends have their stems rooted from Pantone's colors of the year, but the traditionally fall colors of olive, rust and burgundy are truly a change from the usual summery hues (I like to call this the Yeezus Effect).

Here are my favorite pics for each color palette under $50:


Nowadays, I consider olive a basic staple color. It literally matches with ANY color. Olive is definitely this year's new black. In the olives, my favorite pieces definitely have to be a MA1 Bomber Jacket and cargo skinny pants. Pair your bombers with a black or grey crop top and some ripped up jeans for an easy day to night look. Olive cargo pants are also a easy office to drinks piece with a white blouse and blazer, or even a white t-shirt and a statement necklace. The masculine hue of olive does make it seem like it wouldn't crossover into the girlier pieces, but if you're more of a boho-chic girl, a flowy maxi in olive is also cute if you mix it up with a pair of cognac brown gladiator sandals and your go-to denim jacket.
*Funny note about olive: on most European websites, olive is referred to as khaki!


For those of you who know me in person, I wear black and denim almost every day of the year. And when it comes to girlier colors... I stray for some reason! But the past few years, mint wasn't my cup of tea but coral was a color I did mess around with during the summer. Another color that I somehow pull off in the fall far from the darker hues is mauve. Throw together the girliness of the coral and the mutedness of the mauve, you get my new go-to summer bright: blush. I recently posted a date outfit I wore over Memorial weekend of me donning a blush dress with a denim jacket, and I can now honestly say, blush has replaced my coral. My favorite styles for blush encompass two primary fabrications: lace/crochets and ribbed knits. Whether you grab a cute crochet top or a easy go-to tank dress in blush, this is definitely a lovely color addition to any closet.


To me, rusts look the best when it's mixed in with prints or stripes. My first love for rust in recent history came from the Tommy Hilfiger S/S 2016 runway. Rust goes great with the more fall colors, but for the summer, try to find a black/white/rust striped crop tee to pair with either an olive bottom or light denim skinnies. Another good alternative to wear rust in stripes is with an oversized button up (you can wear as a dress with bike shorts underneath).

Baby Blue
Baby blue and blues have been more dominant in the denim/chambray world to me. You do see a lot of the pastel/powdery blues in lingerie and basic crop tops, but I personally haven't seen people rock the powder/baby blue in person in comparison to the blush. The key to wearing baby blue is to have a go-to white bottom or shoes. White jeans with a denim top or a light blue dress with white sandals -- these are picture perefct examples of how to make this shade make you look cool and breezy in the summer heat. 


THIS color being popular in the Spring and Summer absolutely blew me away. To be honest, for the past few years, I only thought of wearing this color as the leaves changed colors. Paired with your favorite denim shirt and cognac boots, or even a leopard print blouse and black boots, burgundy was the color you reached for as the air got crisp and the sun starts setting earlier. But this year, burgundy is actually present in so many stores for the spring and also for upcoming summer styles that I am absolutely mindblown! Same with the baby blues, a key in styling burgundy for the summer would be to pair it with something white and something flowy. A burgundy crop top (like the one above) with a pair of flowy white pants would be a great summer evening dinner look, or a black and white crop top with the burgundy skinnies and lace up heels make for a fun night out look. My personal favorite that I have in my closet is a burgundy bodysuit -- it's a great piece for basic layering, and easily converted from day to night and casual to dressier looks.

Now, go out there and explore some of these colors! And let me know what you guys think of these colors as well!


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