May 16, 2016

Trend Finds Under $50

Mondays. Mondays. Mondays.

Who else hates Mondays?

To get over the Monday Blues, I wanted to cheer up my readers with some Fab Finds Under $50 of some of this summer's biggest trends with some styling tips! Hopefully, these finds and outfit ideas already have you dreaming about the weekend to get over another week of work!

Ah yes, from last week's post, you all know how obsessed I am with denim tops.
Throw denim together with my other favorite trend of lace-up details, you get my most sought after trend this week.

My favorite find is the $32 denim tunic from Boohoo (they have different promo codes throughout the week, and today, all regular priced items are 30% off with promo code ALL30. Also, if you spend over $50, you save $4.99 on free shipping!).

Style tip: With denim tops or skirts, it's always safest to go with your favorite pair of white jeans or shorts. Blue denim itself is a dark to a heavier color and if you want to look like you belong in spring/summer and not fall/winter, a lighter colored bottom is always the best option to go. Not confident in white jeans? Try some light peach to coral colored bottoms.

This past Los Angeles's Majors Market Week when I saw previews of the direction that trends were heading for Fall and Back to School, the newest and freshest trend I saw were patches. Yes, that's right, patches--like the Girl's Scout day badge-like patches. Because this is a newer trend, it was harder for me to find steals under $50, but here are a few!

Style tip: There are definitely t-shirts and simpler tops out in stores right now with patches on it, but my favorite category to wear in terms of this trend definitely has to be in jeans and jackets. Denim jackets with patches add a fun look (and it gets kicked up a notch if the jacket has rips in it!) to a basic black jean and white tee wardrobe. Patch jeans are the hippest in a cuffed girlfriend or boyfriend jean body paired with a white basic bodysuit. (Side note: I can't wait to share my favorite pair of patch jeans in an upcoming lookbook post with everyone!)

Next time you head to the mall for a chill Saturday with your girls (or guys), head into any apparel store and count how many bodysuits you find. I guarantee you, every store will have at least 4-5 different styles. AT LEAST. My fascination with bodysuits actually began a few years back in college. I never really wore them because I have a longer torso than most people, so finding one that fit was difficult. But, one of my roommates grabbed a few solid ones from H&M at the time because they were perfect fits under skirts. You didn't have to deal with the nonsense of making sure your top stays tucked in and didn't squeeze up and create ugly wrinkles to your look! Now, fast forward about three years later and bodysuits are so mainstream.
My favoritism of bodysuits actually came about when I saw Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian seriously rocking a clean, sleek and sexy look with bodysuits tucked into jeans. And now, after searching for so many of the perfect bodysuits with the right fit for me, my favorite bodysuit is definitely the Kardashian-worn long sleeve basic bodysuit from NakedWardrobe. The $34 price tag was slightly daunting to me at first (being someone who doesn't like to pay more than $20 on anything!) and with shipping and tax added on, my bill racked up to about $45 on my purchase. But, the moment I tried it on and saw how perfectly it fit me and how it wasn't see through at all, I had no regrets!
Whenever I mention the bodysuit trend to many of my friends, I either get a "YES!" or "UH, NO!" type of reaction. Yeah, the little buttons at the crotch remind you of the onesies you put on your baby nieces or nephews, but trust me, with being a sleek, clean and no-nonsense basic, the bodysuit is the IT item in the not-so-basic-basics category.

My favorite pick from the above are the Missguided jersey bodysuits (the neckline is my second favorite to the mockneck) and I own that one personally and next to my NW bodysuit, the Missguided one is my other go-to. Besides that, for basic items, I definitely recommend the American Apparel cotton-spandex bodysuits. The $34 price tag did make me twitch, but when I checked them out in person, the weight of the fabric and quality makes it definitely worth the investment.

Style Tip: When I buy bodysuits online, I make sure to check a few things. 1) MAKE SURE THERE ARE CROTCH SNAPS OR HOOKS! There's always a few bodysuits that don't have this feature, and for the styles that are more open and tank bodies, the bodysuits will fit but it's SO annoying to wear during a girls' night out! 2) I tend to avoid any mockneck/turtleneck bodysuits online because bodysuits aren't really every-size friendly. If the length of the bodysuit isn't suited to your torso, the neck portion will fall and drag down and end up looking like an awkwardly sewn round neck on you. 3) The big debate of thong bottom vs. full bottom is really up to personal preference. I have some that are thong and some that are full, and the pros of a thong bottom is that you can avoid a full granny-panty-looking pantyline, but the thong bottoms can also create an apparently thong line when you wear tighter and thinner bottoms (like skirts). I mostly prefer to wear bodysuits under thicker or looser bottoms (like jeans or a-line skirts) because of this purpose.

Are there any trends that you're definitely feeling lately?? And what are your thoughts about my top picks? Would LOVE to hear what everyone thinks! Comment below with your thoughts!!


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