May 3, 2016

Manus X Machina - Met Gala 2016

These big red carpet events do something very dangerous to me: makes me want to go buy fancy and expensive dresses that I have no where to wear to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Beyonce's crazy latex dress to all the glitz and glam of Olivier Rousteing's glam Balmain gang, Met Gala always give me crazy feels on what's coming up next in fashion in addition to providing reaffirmation about trends I feel strongly about this year!

The theme, as we all know, of this year's Met Gala was Manus x Machina -- celebrating fashion in an age of technology. It's so interesting how this kind of clicked in with something Kanye West said during an episode of KUWTK on their trip to Armenia. At a arts/technology school that Kanye visited, he looked at a 3D printer and mentioned that the 3D printer and technology pose a threat to the fashion industry, similar to how the Internet drastically impacted and changed the scope of the music industry.

When I speak to my mom about the fabrication changes, and also industry talks in the scope of my job with those knowledgeable about fabric, technology has brought about a lot of changes to the textile and fashion industry. Back in my mom's earlier designing days, fabrics such as ponte and scuba didn't exist. A lot of fabrics that I came about to learning in my job are newer fabrics that provide comfort and fashion at dirty cheap affordable prices.

Technology has definitely had an impact on the fashion industry, but as to answering if it will be for better or worse, only time will tell.

Enough about my two cents on technology and fashion!!

Here are some of my downright FAVORITE looks of the night:

My conclusion on this year's Met Gala? Naked dress is still a (GREAT) thing, bodycon silhouettes have beat out the skater silhouette as far as being mainstream, the Kardashian/Jenner Clan will always shock us in one way or another, Lady Gaga knows how to walk in some monstrous heels, make up can make your face look like a different person (cough, Kim and Taylor), Beyonce with Lala and Nicki in one selfie is everything, and I want everything made by Balmain & Olivier Rousteing in my closet tomorrow morning even though I have no where to wear them to.

And I must must must have this dress one day. My ULTIMATE favorite piece from the after party! Josephine Skriver in Balmain:

Do you agree or disagree?? What are your favorite looks from this year's Met Gala?


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