March 22, 2016

Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandals

Make way Classic Pumps! A new classic is in town!

I know, most of you cringe when you see this design:

I cringe too, and I have bought, worn (with pain), and re-sold or threw out so many look-alikes of the Stuart Weitzman nudist sandals. The simplistic one ankle strap and one foot strap to elongate your legs and basically match every outfit is so compelling!!!

I've been on a hunt for another pair of designer heels lately, and after much much research and reviews, the SW Nudists are definitely calling my name. Reviews on the website are spectacular, and after reading an article earlier about how it actually took Weitzman a few months to design the shoe to make it comfortable and wearable, I'm convinced.

The minimal design of this shoe (on top of the comfort), on top of the less than $400 price tag, definitely makes this a new classic because it'll match almost everything in anyone's closet!

I haven't even saved up enough to get them, but see what outfit ideas I'm already dreaming of with these below:

What do you think of the SW Nudist heels? Do you agree that they are a new staple and is it worth the splurge?

1 comment:

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