March 16, 2016

Fraying with Mimosas

I have discovered my new favorite place to brunch!

On Sunday, I was totally feeling a spontaneous brunch date with the boyfriend (by the way, this past weekend, I had lots of Boyfriend time. LOTS). Cue in Yelp. Typing in "bottomless mimosas" led me to a really pretty and cool place called The Villa in Woodland Hills. Besides the bottomless mimoas, I recommend the Villa because they take reservations--even for Sunday Brunch!

(Dramatic entrance!)

(Eggs Benedict and Avocados with a Mimosa for me, BLT Sandwich and an Americano for the BF, and we split a Lemon Ricotta Pancake--my favorite thing we ordered and the BEST pancakes I ever had!)

Upon walking in, the place is GORGEOUS with a cute waiting area (see pic below of the BF chilling in the waiting area), with a bar and more restaurant space indoors. But, we chose the outdoor seating because the weather was nice and it's so refreshing having mimosas and brunch on a Sunday outdoors for once! By the way, another perk--there's valet parking for $5!

(He's trying to look serious for once)

As for what I wore...

A few weeks ago, I went shopping with one of my college besties and fellow LA Dweller at Glendale Americana and Galleria. Now, for those who know me, I RARELY spend more than $20 a piece on any item of clothing. But, when we stopped by Zara, I absolutely fell in love with a pair of extremely frayed hem slouch jeans. They didn't have my size, just a size up or a size down, but on a whim, I tried on the size down, and guess what?! They FIT! And, as vain as this sounds, there's no better feeling than fitting into a size smaller than what you expected to be ;)

After trying to think of the perfect outfit to wear my new favorite jeans, I decided to stick to my two of my personal favorite details: mock neck and lace up detailing.

Lace-up front tops have been huge since last year (there will probably be a Obsessed post in regards to this trend soon), but I wanted to balance out the rips and the bright hue of the jean with something more calm at the front on top. The top was actually personally made for me by one of my friends; its a ribbed knit mock neck slightly cropped top with lace-up detail in the back. 

To finish off this outfit, I threw on a pair of Isabel Marant-inspired lace up grommet heels I snagged from A'Gaci online for just $10! As if I needed any more lace up heels, but I gave in because of the gold grommets. Lace up heels are just so spot on and easy to pair with all the hem treatments in denim lately--if you don't have a pair yet, go get some!!!!! Last but not least, bag is a Kate Spade Saturday mini satchel.


It's always so easy to stick with black and denim, but there are so many ways you can make a boring black and denim look sophisticated, whether it be through small details or shoes. 

What's your favorite go-to brunch spot? Any fellow LA/SFV folks out there have recommendations??

xoxo, Yoona (and the boyfriend)

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