March 6, 2016

Frayed Denim

If there was one BIG denim trend for this year that I am absolutely obsessed with and I had to put my money on to be 2016's million dollar item, it would be denim with hem treatments.

This trend started appearing more and more mainstream last year, and is now becoming an integral part of the denim market as a whole.

The treatments go from clean cuts (like you took a pair of scissors and bluntly cut to be a better length), to frayed, released (where it looks like the hem was unstitched and show the denim dye marks), and, my personal favorite, extreme frays.

I currently have about 3 pairs of jeans like this for myself--one from Cotton On, another pair in an acid wash, and the most amazing extreme fray slouchy fit jeans from Zara (pictured below and paired with Jeffrey Campbell Ladonna sandals).

With the current sneaker and nudist heel trend, the ankle length frays and the treatments really blend well together to create the perfect look.

Here are a few of my favorites that I could find online (aside from the three pairs I have)

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