March 4, 2016


I hate having short legs. There's a whole list of why, but this trend carrying over from last year into this Spring and Summer make me ESPECIALLY mad that I wasn't gifted with long legs!!!

The first time I heard the word "culotte" was back in high school, when we were reading The Tale of Two Cities. The term "Sans Culottes," which meant 'without culottes' referred to the lower class people during the French Revolution who wore pants and trousers instead of culotte pants, which were fashionable knee britches worn by the upper class.

History lesson aside--culottes are pants at about knee to capri length that look more like skirts when they are on. I like to think of them as "brunch" pants -- just the right amount of chic and casual. A lot of the times, for me, culottes actually fit more like flare pants with my short legs. Two pairs have found a way to my closet -- a black dressier one from Forever21 and a released frayed hem denim one. The black one fits more like the culotte look, where the denim one looks more like regular flare jeans on me.

My remorse aside, if you don't have one in your closet yet, go get a pair!!! The high waisted ones that have more 'dressier' looks are very cute to match with lace up heels and also nudist heels.

Here are a few that I have my eyes on (and I may end up buying a better pair of denim ones in the near future!):

What do you think? And how are you wearing your culottes?

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