March 5, 2016

Bomber Jackets

We saw them in the 80's when Tom Cruise rocked them on Top Gun. They were a key item for men and women back then, with Members Only being the 'go to' brand for bomber jackets.

And now, with the Kardashians and Jenners wearing the Yeezus Tour Jackets, and BFFLs like Kendall and Gigi twinning on looks with them, the bomber jacket is everywhere, ranging from high end couture designers such as Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen having variations of the MA1 Bomber on their lines, to faster affordable stores such as Forever21, BooHoo, and even the boutique down the street having these in different colors and lengths.

Both my olive and pink bombers are all from BooHoo--the Khloe in olive (with the very important orange interior) and the Gracie in pink.

It's a great jacket that you can wear year round. The exterior nylon or satin shells on the more traditional bombers block out wind, and some even have the padding inside to give that extra warmth. The lighterweight ones are also handy since it's a more hip and edgy replacement to cardigans and jackets.

There are two aspects of the bomber jacket that are 'key' in my opinion: the bright orange interior and the functioning zipper on the left sleeve. The orange interior, I feel, is a MUST in the olive and black jackets. But the zipper--no exceptions can be made.

Now... I've got my eyes on the black bomber jacket from Topshop or the Members Only ones over at Urban Outfitters. Hopefully that baby will complete my bomber collection before the end of March
Unless I can get my hands on a Yeezus Tour one ;)

What do you think? Are you rocking one of these already?

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